Summerset Refrigerator
Do you get tired of making multiple trips indoors while grilling and enjoying your outdoor space? Bring the comfort of cold storage to your outdoor kitchen with the Summerset Refrigerator (4.5 ft. 3'' capacity & locking door) with 304 stainless steel door construction, reversible door capability, and rear venting. Featuring the same pristine form and function of 304 stainless steel door construction, maintain a matching design with your existing Summerset components. Use the space and adjustable wire shelves to protect raw ingredients, keep condiments chilled, or store refreshments. The locking stainless steel door keeps your cold storage safe and energy efficient, and it is reversible to best adjust to your workflow and use. Offering durable construction for the outdoors, sealed back for energy efficiency, temperature control, adjustable legs for leveling, rear venting, and limited lifetime warranty, the Summerset Refrigerator brings sleek design for function and beauty.
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