What’s Missing from Your Outdoor Kitchen Design?

iStock-171336497_resized.jpgWhen it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen, the first things you’ll want to add are appliances and items of convenience. You’ll also want to make sure that your entire outdoor kitchen design includes things that aren’t going to fall apart when there is inclement weather. As you plan the perfect space for outdoor entertaining, there might be one important detail you are missing: storage.

Storage is something that is easy to overlook with outdoor kitchen design. Most of the things you might store in a kitchen are already accounted for inside your home, and therefore it doesn’t seem so complicated to carry what you need from one location to another. There might be that one time, though, that you reach for a spatula to flip your burgers and the spatula is nowhere to be seen – because it’s still inside in the drawer or container where it’s kept. If you’d had storage in your outdoor kitchen for utensils, you could have simply opened the drawer to get what you need!

Storage in outdoor kitchen design goes beyond just a simple drawer or two, however. For example, having easy access to ice for beverages, a trash receptacle that doesn’t attract pests, and a place for paper products so they don’t get wet in the rain can all be very practical to include.

If you’re thinking about building your dream outdoor kitchen, make sure storage is a central part of your outdoor kitchen design for the most convenient and functional outdoor entertaining space. At Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living, we can make sure your plans come to fruition. Chat with one of our design specialists today!