Top Five Grill Accessories to Make Your Outdoor Grilling a Success

iStock-488483478_resized.jpgIf you love to grill, then you know that having the right tools can make all the difference in the efficiency of your cooking and in the outcome of your food choices. So, what grill accessories should you always have available to ensure that you get the most from your grilling and entertaining events? Here’s a list of the top five grill accessories you won’t want to go without:

  1. Grill Brush – While cooking is fun, keeping your grill in top condition is also important. Having a grill brush that efficiently cleans up after your last outdoor extravaganza will ensure that your grill is ready to go for the next outdoor event without the hassles of stuck-on food and grease.
  2. Meat Thermometer – Keeping the meat you are cooking at the proper temperature is an essential thing, especially when you are feeding lots of people and you want everything to go off without a hitch. In fact, some items that require long-term cooking times will need to be at a certain temperature before they are safe to eat. You’ll want a meat thermometer on hand for these instances.
  3. Grilling Tongs – Have you opened the grill to flip your veggies or chicken breasts, only to find that you don’t have a good way to turn them over? Grilling tongs will save you a lot of time and heartache by giving you a safe and secure way to turn your grilled items as needed.
  4. Flavoring Tools – Adding flavor to your food is one of the most fun parts of cooking, so when it comes to grilling, a cedar plank, smoker box, and a brush for slathering on that tasty BBQ sauce will be the perfect additions to your grill accessories.
  5. Extra Tools – If you are planning to cook your entire meal on the grill, but you don’t necessarily have the best way to keep things warm or a way to efficiently make your side dishes, then having extra grill accessories like a veggie basket and warming rack can make a big difference. You’ll love having these extra features available when you need them.

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