Three Tips for Tantalizing Turkey This Thanksgiving

iStock-596802262_resized.jpgThe Thanksgiving holiday always comes with some pressure to show your cooking prowess, even if it means digging out the recipes you almost never use. In fact, there is one particular item that goes on the table that can be a bit troublesome to manage if it’s not done right: the turkey! At Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living, we can help make sure your holiday feast doesn’t go “a-fowl” by providing some tips and tricks for preparing your turkey using tools like your grill or smoker.

Have you always wanted to roast or smoke your Thanksgiving turkey on your grill, but didn't know how? There are some fundamentals to learn, but it is easier than you think! Here are some tips to help you cook your turkey like a pro.

1. Make Sure You Have Quality Equipment. These days it’s easier than ever to roast a handsome bird and get great results. For example, The Big Green Egg has some great products to make your turkey day simply delightful.

You might like using this Sittin’ Turkey Vertical Turkey Roaster:


Or even this V-Rack and ConvEGGtor for easy cooking on the big day:



2. Choose a Great Recipe. Another important element to roasting your turkey perfectly is having a recipe that you feel confident following. There are lots of great choices from both Big Green Egg and Memphis Grills.

Check out these great recipes to try:

With the Memphis Wood Fired Grills, you can even control the flavor of your turkey by choosing the wood pellets you enjoy most if you smoke your bird instead of roasting.

Pecan Hickory Oak Mesquite_res.jpg

Spice up your Thanksgiving turkey with one of the many award-winning John Henry’s spices & rubs offered at Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living. We feature a wide selection for you to choose from to complete your perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

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3. Stick to Your Schedule. There’s a good chance your family members came hungry. If you aren’t sure about the timing of your turkey cooking, keep your family from clucking with this easy cheat sheet.

Turkey Cheat Sheet no click_res.jpg

At Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living, our team is always prepared to answer your questions about the best equipment and methods for making your Thanksgiving feast fabulous. Stop by or call us today to shop for your roaster, smoker, and cooking accessories, so all you need to do on Thanksgiving Day is . . . well, gobble!