Save Your Feet! Choose Vinyl Decking!

DECKING_POOL_WHITE_resized.jpgThere is nothing worse than planning a short step outside onto the deck, only to discover that the bottoms of your feet are going to burn off before you reach the yard. One of the benefits of living in Florida is that we have lots of sun – but it can also be a pain for your feet when you want to go without shoes!

If you want to avoid the pain associated with burned feet during the hot summer months, there is an easy solution as you plan your new deck construction: vinyl decking. Never heard of it? Aren’t sure about this material for your home? Here are a few reasons vinyl decking will save your feet:

  • Vinyl decking doesn’t get nearly as hot to the touch as some other deck and patio materials. Wood and patio pavers can both be unbearably hot in the summer months, whereas vinyl decking will remain cooler and easier to walk on when you’re going shoeless.
  • Another great application for vinyl decking is for your swimming pool deck. It doesn’t get slick when water splashes, leaving you with cooler feet and a better grip as you walk around the pool to find the perfect sunning spot.
  • Vinyl decking is also very durable and may even last longer than treated wood or patio pavers over time. Not only does this mean that your new deck will look great longer, but you can also get a great return on your investment!

At Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living, we have some great choices in deck materials, including vinyl decking. Contact us today or stop by our Outdoor Design Center to start shopping!