Friends & Family Will Love These Fabulous Fire Features

Blog 24_resized.jpgThere is nothing quite comparable to having one or more fire features at your home. Whether you love to entertain in your outdoor living areas or you are looking for a cozy place to curl up indoors, fire features may just be the ideal addition to your home. If you want to impress your friends and family with something unique and useful when they come to visit, you’ll love these fabulous fire features:

  • Fire tables – As you dine with your friends and family, you can add a certain ambiance with the right fire tables. Small enough to be your centerpiece, these fire features will be the talk of dinner because of their unique attractiveness.
  • Fire pits – A popular addition to any outdoor living space is a fire pit. Not only are they great for year-round enjoyment, but they can also be excellent additions to a water feature or outdoor kitchen at your home.
  • Fire place – If you don’t have a regular fireplace at your home, but you’ve always wanted one, then electric fire places may provide just the fire feature you have been looking for. Electric fire places come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your space appropriately.
  • Gas logs – If you have a gas fireplace, adding real-looking gas logs can be a great fire feature in your home! From mountain birch, to oak varieties, and other unique options, gas logs provide the comfort of a fire and the enjoyment of a cleaner living space.
  • Gas torches – Are you looking for a way to illuminate your walkways or garden areas? Then gas torches may be just the fire features you need! Elegant, timeless, and efficient, your family and friends will love seeing these light up the night.

At Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living, we can help you select the fire features that will make a great addition to your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Come by our award-winning Outdoor Design Center today to get started creating your ideal home!