Follow These Easy Dos and Don’ts for Proper Care of Grills

iStock-655786358_resized.jpgIf you are excited to add a grill to your outdoor living space, then you most likely are planning a huge feast for entertaining your neighbors and friends. However, having a grill also brings some responsibility if you want your equipment to last for a while. Here are a few easy “dos” and “don’ts” you can follow for the proper care of grills:

DOMake sure to clean your equipment before first use and after each time it’s been used. If you don’t keep your grill clean, it leaves open the opportunity for bacteria, mold, and other hazardous items to take over your equipment.

DON’T – Use the wrong grill accessories. If you want your food to turn out well and your grill to remain ready for use at any time, using the proper grill accessories is the only way to go. This could vary from having the right side burners, keeping the right cleaning equipment, and even making sure that your grill cover fits properly.

DOKeep your grill in a safe place when it isn’t being used. Although grills are intended for outdoor use, this doesn’t mean they won’t take a beating in a fast Florida hail storm during the summer months. If you aren’t planning to use your grill, make sure to put the cover on and roll it to a safe location for storage.

DON’T – Avoid proper maintenance. If you’ve noticed that some of your grill parts are looking a little worn out or that you need to replace a part that makes your grill easier to operate, then don’t delay fixing these items. You’ll enjoy your grill for many years with proper care and maintenance.

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