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Cabinet Materials to Consider for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Do you love to cook? Do you enjoy spending time in your backyard or outdoor space with friends or family? If you would like to combine these two hobbies, you know that going in and out of your home’s kitchen to the BBQ grill is anything but ideal, and that is why you might be thinking of looking at outdoor kitchens instead. Read More


Advantages of Vinyl Fences You Can’t Miss Out On  

Advantages of Vinyl Fences You Can’t Miss Out O

They say that good fences make good neighbors, but what exactly makes a good fence? Is it the materials that are used? The size of the fence? Perhaps the color? Here at Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living, we know that is it a combination of all of the above! We love helping our clients find the right fence material, size and height in order to suit their property, and time and time again many of our clients come back to vinyl fences as their final choice. Why?  Read More


Types of Fire Features to Warm You Up this Winter 

Types of Fire Features to Warm You Up this Winter

When the temperatures start to drop, one of the most enjoyable ways to stay warm is to cozy up around a warm fire! Here at Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living, we have plenty of fire features to keep you warm this winter, and have something for everyone and every style of property. We have a variety of fire features here at Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living to keep you warm this winter...  Read More


What Type of Fire Pits will Work with My Yard?

What Type of Fire Pits will Work with My Yard?

Fire pits are an all-around enjoyable addition to most any backyard. Whether you want your fire pit to be automatic and a statement piece or utilized frequently for s’mores making reasons, we here at Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living want to help you find the ideal fire pits for your needs.  If you are trying to decide between fire pits and which ones will work with your yard and your style, we here at Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living are more than happy to help.  Read More


Choosing the Right Features for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Choosing the Right Features for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Having the ability to cook outside is something that many of us enjoy. However, having the ability to cook outside with the ease and comfort of an outdoor kitchen? Now, that is something that only few of us get to enjoy, but many of us dream about! If you are ready to take your indoor/outdoor living to the next level with an outdoor kitchen, then you’ll want to make sure it is suited to your own individual needs.. Read More


Optimal Materials for Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Optimal Materials for Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

When grilling and cooking outdoors is such a large part of your life that you want to add an outdoor kitchen to your property, you want that outdoor kitchen to be a low-maintenance and enjoyable space so that the focus is still on the joy of grilling! An important component of any outdoor kitchen design is the outdoor kitchen cabinets. Read More



4 Things to Consider When Planning Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Fireplaces are a popular feature in any home. Whether you enjoy them for the warmth they provide or the style and focal point, even in the warmest of climates, people still like fireplaces! Adding outdoor fireplaces to a property is a great bonus feature that many people enjoy, since it can add design, style and function to your outdoors, as well as your indoors. Read More



Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

When the temperatures start to rise and we start spending more time outside, there are a few things that would make that outdoor/indoor lifestyle a lot more comfortable, one of which is an outdoor kitchen! If you have a smaller yard or lot size, you might think that an outdoor kitchen isn’t in the cards for you when really all you need is the right outdoor kitchen design for your small space! Read More



So Many Grills, So Little Time . . . Which Do You Choose?

So Many Grills, So Little Time . . . Which Do You Choose?

When the sun starts to set later in the day, it’s one of the first signs of summer! Here at Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living, however, we know it’s summer by another indicator: when we start seeing (or smelling!) people grilling in the outdoors. Grills are a fantastic way to cook delicious food quickly. They’re versatile -- being able to cook anything from meats to vegetables to pizzas -- and  easy to clean up. Read More



Things You Need to Know Before You Install a DIY Fence

Install a DIY Fence

There are many great things about having a fenced-in property. You can enjoy some privacy from your neighbors, keep your pets contained safely, and let your young children play outside without fear of them running into the street. If you are interested in having a fence in your yard and are somewhat handy, you can choose to go the DIY fence route. Read More



A DIY Fence Makes Outdoor Living its Finest


Having a great outdoor living space on your property is always a benefit, but it’s also important to add fencing to make your yard more secure and beautiful. With any outdoor space, you can enjoy barbecuing with friends, playing and running around with your kids, and giving your pets a place to stretch their legs and run free. Read More



Patching Up Your Fence: The Case for Professional Fence Repair


If you own property that includes a fence around one or more borders, then you know that your fence can be great when it’s new, and not so great when it begins to show wear and tear. Read More



Save Your Feet! Choose Vinyl Decking!


There is nothing worse than planning a short step outside onto the deck, only to discover that the bottoms of your feet are going to burn off before you reach the yard.  Read More



How Will You Use Your Gazebo This Year?


Gazebos are one of those outdoor rooms that have a classic and timeless feel. Whether you see them in pictures or there is one in your own yard, it is easy to see why they bring up moments of nostalgia and comfort. Even in the movies, gazebos are featured for all kinds of special moments! Read More



What’s Missing from Your Outdoor Kitchen Design?

iStock-171336497_resized.jpgWhen it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen, the first things you’ll want to add are appliances and items of convenience. You’ll also want to make sure that your entire outdoor kitchen design includes things that aren’t going to fall apart when there is inclement weather. Read More



Springing Up with New Fence Installation


As the weather turns warmer, you may be planning many outdoor tasks that will help keep your home looking fresh and new this spring. One unique addition that can really change the way you update your property is the addition of a new fence. Read More



Outdoor Fireplaces: Which Type is Best for You?

iStock-576728180.jpgOne of the outdoor features that many homebuyers look for when searching for a home is a fireplace. There are so many benefits associated with outdoor fireplaces, including providing a relaxing ambiance, light and warmth when enjoying outdoor living spaces.Read More



The Right Fence Accessories Complete Your Fence

close up picket .jpg

If you have a newly-installed a fence at your home or business, but feel like it’s missing something, or maybe you feel like your current fence could use some updating, there is a way to achieve the look you want without going overboard. Read More



How to Pick Outdoor Lighting That’s Functional and Stylish


When it comes to redesigning your outdoor living area, the lighting you choose should add appeal to and still be adequate for your needs. Read More



Make Your Holidays Bright with Beautiful Fire Features


During the month of December, our thoughts turn to the holiday season and the many ways we’ll celebrate with family and friends. While this often involves cooking our favorite holiday dishes and preparing for holiday travel, there is also plenty of opportunity to host gatherings at your home. Read More



Wood Pellet Grills Make Fall Get-Togethers More Savory

iStock-531464020.jpgFall is the perfect time for get-togethers with family and friends. The temperature is ideal, and the atmosphere is perfect for having some well-deserved fun together. There are many options to choose from when planning a fall get-together, whether it is a day by the pool, outdoor games, or a barbeque. Read More



Three Tips for Tantalizing Turkey This Thanksgiving


The Thanksgiving holiday always comes with some pressure to show your cooking prowess, even if it means digging out the recipes you almost never use. In fact, there is one particular item that goes on the table that can be a bit troublesome to manage if it’s not done right: the turkey! Read More



Make an Island Part of Your Outdoor Kitchen Design


An outdoor kitchen can be a bold addition to your home, but it can also lack the storage or counter space your indoor kitchen has. As you determine the best ways to achieve more functionality from your outdoor kitchen design, you may find that there is one simple solution: adding a kitchen island. Read More



Need a Hurricane Fence? We Have It!

Hollingsworth with stormy palms.jpgAt Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living, we know that having a high-quality fence on your property in Lakeland, Florida can make a significant difference in the way your property looks, feels, and functions. After Hurricane Irma, many of our customers let us know that our fencing products had remained strong after installation! Read More


Three Outdoor Appliances You Can’t Do Without

Blog 26_resized.jpg

If you love being outdoors, whether for relaxing or for entertaining, then having the right outdoor appliances can make all the difference in your experience. At Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living, we find that there are three outdoor appliances in particular that you just shouldn’t do without when it comes to enjoying your outdoor living spaces. Read More


Friends & Family Will Love These Fabulous Fire Features

Blog 24_resized.jpgThere is nothing quite comparable to having one or more fire features at your home. Whether you love to entertain in your outdoor living areas or you are looking for a cozy place to curl up indoors, fire features may just be the ideal addition to your home. Read More



Follow These Easy Dos and Don’ts for Proper Care of Grills

Copy of iStock-655786358_resized.jpgIf you are excited to add a grill to your outdoor living space, then you most likely are planning a huge feast for entertaining your neighbors and friends. However, having a grill also brings some responsibility if you want your equipment to last for a while. Read More



 Top Locations for Outdoor Kitchens & Grills

Copy of Blog 22_resized.jpgIf you love to be outside in the Florida sun, then you may be looking for ways to enjoy your time outdoors even more. One great option is the addition of outdoor kitchens & grills, but you may also be tasked with the challenge of determining where you want to put your equipment. Read More



You’ll Love Your DIY Fence for These Great Reasons

Copy of Blog 21_resized.jpgIf you are planning to add a new fence to your lawn, then choosing the right style and design can make a big difference in the results. At Danielle Fence & Outdoor Living, we love recommending DIY fence options to our customers who are looking for great solutions, but with a product they can add to their landscape on their own... Read More



Top Five Grill Accessories to Make Your Outdoor Grilling a Success

Copy of iStock-488483478_resized.jpgIf you love to grill, then you know that having the right tools can make all the difference in the efficiency of your cooking and in the outcome of your food choices. So, what grill accessories should you always have available...Read More



The Dos and Don'ts of Buying Grills

Copy of Blog-19-Grills_resizedss.jpgSo, you’ve decided to buy a grill, and you are excited about picking out something for your next neighborhood barbeque. If you immediately get overwhelmed with all the choices, there is a good reason. From brand names to size and the number of knobs...Read More



A Quick Guide to Caring for Your Outdoor Appliances

Copy of iStock-522332970_resized.jpg

If you enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings on your porch or you like to keep cold beverages in your outdoor refrigerator, then you know that having outdoor appliances can be very convenient. But how do you care for them so they last a long time and...Read More



Begin Planning Outdoor Kitchens & Grills Now So They Are Ready in the Spring!

Copy of Blog-17-ODK-Grills_resized.jpgDo you love entertaining outdoors? Do you like to coordinate customer appreciation events at certain times of year? If you have been squeezing your whole family into your home or you are tired of transporting hot dogs and hamburgers to a separate location for your guests.. Read More



Fire Pits are the Perfect Winter Addition to Your Home

Copy of Blog-16-FirePits.jpgIf you have considered a fire pit before but you never took the time to purchase one, you may be feeling that the winter months are a good time to wait before you buy. But what if winter was the perfect time to add a fire pit.. Read More